Woven PE Strapping


Woven polyester strapping reels are available in a range of various widths and different lengths, depending on the customer’s specific requirements. This strapping is predominantly used for the securing of products to pallets.

This Polyester strapping is woven and has been tested and rated in terms of breaking strain. Woven Polyester strapping is widely used as an alternative to more traditional steel strapping in industries dealing with building products, paper and board.

Woven Polyester strapping is:

  • A safe, secure and convenient product
  • excellent performance in all sorts of weather conditions
  • Has extremely good elastic memory properties for securing all elements in transit
  • Supplied in reels of various lengths to suit a multitude of strapping requirements

Please see product specifications in the table below.

 Code  Strap width (mm)     Roll length (M)    Breaking strain   
   NSAW65              19mm               500 M                750 kg