Paper Voidfill

Test Valley Packaging can protect your product and significantly reduce breakages in transit with a number of paper voidfill stategies.

Paper packaging is a versatile solution to reducing breakages in transit, is inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

Paper Void Fill

We supply paper packaging machines that are intergratable into virtually any packing station, we offer full training on how to operate these machines, you just buy the rolls of paper from us.

Our papers are highly developed to provide maximum yield from environmentally friendly papers.

Paper Voidfill Paper Voidfill

The advantages of paper voidfill:

A large range of paper systems suitable for packing of light, medium and heavy weight items
Multiple machine configurations allow for easy integration into packing processes with the most efficient production methods
Cuts Costs
Due to the compact nature of the rolls and the ingenuity of the machine functions, pre-use voidfill storage is minimal
Offers the best and most effective form of product protection in terms of shock resistance, product migrations and stability
The paper contains recycled content and is fully reusable and recyclable. It gives off no harmful substances in production or during use

Protega example

Paper Voidfill Paper Voidfill Paper Voidfill

If you have a requirement for voidfill and protection then we can have a consultation with you to discuss your best options.

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