Load Stability

Palletwrapping Film, Plastic and Steel strapping, Strapping Tools, Twine.

Cargo Sheeting

A robust Polythene sheeting product designed for use in the Aviation Industry. View category

Foil Thermal Covers

DynaChill© thermal covers protect temperature sensitive goods during transportation. View category

Cargo Absorbent

Used for exporting perishable and thermal sensitive goods in the air-freight industry. View category

Protega Protect paper cushioning

Paper cushioning reduces damage to goods in transit. View category


Pre-stretched pallet wrap film gives enhanced load stability. View category

Palletwrap Machines

Palletwrap machines are available to purchase or rent. View category

Conventional Stretchfilm

Stretchfilm for stabilising palletised loads. View category

Stretch film dispenser

A handy pallet wrap dispenser for 400 - 500mm pallet wrap film. View category


Shrinkfilm for stabilising heavy loads. View category


Handfilm, a quick and easy to apply product. View category

Plastic Strapping Protectors

Plastic Strapping Protectors prevent plastic strapping damage. View category

Corrugated layerboard Dividers

This product ensures load stability for products in storage and transit. View category

Heat Shrink Guns

A range Heat shrink guns for use with most film types. View category

Plastic Strapping

Plastic polypropylene strapping, dispensers and accessories. View category

Plastic Strapping Tools

Static & mobile strapping dispenser tensioners, sealers and combination tools. View category

Woven Polyester Strap

Widely used as an alternative to more traditional steel strapping. View category

Steel Strapping

For stabilising heavy loads that need extra protection in transit. View category

Steel Strapping Tools

For stabilising heavy loads that need extra protection in transit. View category

Edge Protection

Prevents edge crush and adds stability to the load. View category

Polythene Sheeting

Polythene pallet top sheets are held in place by the application of Pallet Wrap Film. View category

Twine & String

A selection of traditional Twine & String available. View category


Protecting palletised loads from being stacked upon. View category

400/500mm Stretchfilm Dispenser

Palletwrap dispenser for 400 - 500mm palletwrap film. View product