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E-Tape has a unique 150 metre roll. Combined with superb dispensing technology it offers unparalled performance in tape sealing solutions.

There are 3 types of E-Tape available in three different pressure sensitive adhesives, to understand how these tapes perform click the links: solvent (natural rubber), hotmelt (synthetic rubber) and water based acrylic.

E-Tape has a unique dispenser with many benefits against standard tape dispensers including a safety retractable blade, tape silencing unit, easy to replace spatula (supplied free-of-charge to our customers if needed), and easy to replace blade.

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To order E-tape please call: 01722 414 800 or email: sales@testvalleypkg.co.uk

For general enquires about E-tape or any other packaging related issues please email: enquiries@testvalleypkg.co.uk

E-Tape 1

E-Tape 1 is a Solvent Adhesive. 150 metres per roll. View product

E-Tape 2

E-Tape 2 is a Hot Melt Adhesive. 150 metres per roll. View product

E-Tape Plus

E-Tape Plus is an Acrylic Adhesive. 150 metres per roll. View product