Cargo Absorbent

Cargo Absorbent is used all over the world by Freight Handlers to safely contain leakage and condensation from perishable cargo.

Test Valley Packaging have exclusive rights to the distribution of this unique absorbent material which forms a layer of protection between thermal sensitive goods and the aircraft. If you are looking for a product which guarantees your goods will not be rejected at critical loading times please click the enquiry button below.

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Test Valley Packaging exclusively supply Cargo Absorbent, a product developed in response to the increasing transportation of perishables within the Airfreight Industry.

how to purchase cargo absorbent material for air transportation

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The challenge
The challenge for exporters is to avoid perishable and thermal sensitive goods being rejected in the process of being loaded into cargo holds. Special care must be taken to ensure perishables and other thermal sensitive products are provided with the necessary protection to suit a variety of environments. With chilled products being exposed to ambient temperatures during transportation there is a risk of high humidity causing condensation, and the possibility of leakage
from certain transported goods can bring about the risk of corrosion if not contained.

The solution is Cargo Absorbent
Cargo Absorbent acts as a layer of protection or moisture barrier and is capable of absorbing 5 litres of liquid per square metre, with a barrier coated HDPE Film base which prevents liquid penetrating through to the floor and an absorbent top layer.
This extra measure will ensure perishable goods that leak will not make direct contact to aircraft surfaces, preventing contamination/corrosion to aircraft parts in the cargo hold.

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Testimonial from Agility cargo absorbent

“From extensive discussions with the industry, we understood the risks and costs caused by corrosion and contamination and set our development team the task of finding a solution. We are delighted to have developed Cargo Absorbent which solves the problem in a way which is both easy to use and cost effective”

Jerry Steedman, Managing Director.


Continous Roll

Available from stock

The classic and robust Cargo Absorbent can absorb 5 litres of liquid and can be cut to size.

Product code: CA1550

Width: 1.5 metres
Roll weight: 20 kilos
Roll length: 72.6 metres
Material weight: 183gsm
Absorption: 5 litres per square metre
Square metres per roll: 109


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The perforated Cargo Absorbent is thinner than the 'classic'.

Product code: CA1515P

Width: 1.5 metres
Roll weight: 20 kilos
Roll length: 129 metres
Material weight: 95 gsm
Absorption: 2.5 litres per square metre
Square metres per roll: 227

how to purchase cargo absorbent material for air transportation

Bespoke size required?

We work closely with our clients to create Cargo Absorbent to suit their specifications.
If you require bespoke sizes please contact us outlining your needs, we are always glad to help.

Prevent load rejection of cargo with this absorbent material

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Cargo Absorbent

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