Adhesive and Tapes

A large selection of tape available for various applications.

E-Tape Packing Tape

E-tape has a unique 150 metre length roll & superb dispensing technology. View category

Bespoke Printed Tape

Bespoke tape that can be printed with your message and branding. View category

Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed paper tape is a recyclable case sealing material. View category

Gummed paper tape dispensers

The most accurate and efficient way to use gummed paper tape. View category

Self-adhesive Kraft Paper Tape

This self-adhesive tape does notrequire water and fits on standard tape dispensers. View category

Standard Packing Tape

A selection of adheshive tapes available for various applications. View category

Printed Tape

A selection of standard printed warning tapes are available from stock. View category

Machine Applied Tape

Machine tape for use with case taping machines. View category

Case Taping Machines

Case taping machines are used in high volume box sealing applications. View category

Specialist Tapes

A selection of specialist tapes available in this section. View category

Tape Dispensers

A range of tape dispensers available for warehouse and the office. View category

Hot Melt Glue Systems

A selection of hotmelt glue guns & refills available here. View category


Industrial and hand held stapling equipment. View category